Knives & Sawmill Products

Chipper Knives

We stock a wide selection of Simonds Chipper Knives. We also sharpen and maintain all kinds of Chipper Knives.

Shears, Paper & Ice Knives

We sell and sharpen all types of shears and ice knives for all applications. We sharpen using the latest and greatest in göckel grinding technology.

KeyKnife Disposable System

We are the only distributor for Key Knife Disposable Knife Planer Heads in Northern Ontario.

Planer Knives

We carry a full line of tongue & groove, L type, LV type, vise grip, corrugated knives, etc… for industrial planers.

Arbor & Guides

We work with the manufacturers directly to supply you with the best quality arbors & guides for your sawmill.

Filing Room Equipment

From parts and accessories to saw grinding machines, hammering and tensioning equipment, we can supply you with the latest technology.